Heating and air conditioning Evergreen Park

Fall is officially here, what does this mean to you? First, the kids are in school, secondly, holidays are coming around and this could mean you may have a day off of work to get some chores done around the house like getting your furnace or boiler cleaned and tuned up for the cold winter ahead.

The Fire department of Evergreen Park already mailed reminder flyers to its residents concerning maintenance of their furnace or boilers as well as making sure your batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors are new or in working order. This is sound advice. Every year, you hear about fires from a heating source of some kind that injured or even worse killed people. Working safety alert systems are important.

Here is a barrage of questions we feel pertinent. Is your furnace or boiler safe? Is your furnace or boiler new or old? Which brand of furnace or boiler do you have? When was the last time you had your furnace or boiler was cleaned and tuned up? When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? When was the last time you oiled the circulation pump on your water boiler? When was the last time you drained the sediment out of your steam boiler drain line? Is your thermostat an old round style thermostat? If so, is it calibrated and level? If you have a digital thermostat, is it programmable and do you use the program settings?

These are basic questions that key in on the little things that cause big repairs. The old adage is, “a little now saves a lot later”. Around The Town heating offers quality maintenance services at affordable pricing. We are not the cheapest; however, we perform impeccable and quality tune ups that really do make a difference in the performances of your heating systems. What sets us apart from the rest is that we actually care about the work we perform for you. Quality workmanship with friendly customer service is what we offer. We may not be the biggest; we may not have advertising on TV or the newspaper but what we do have is word of mouth referrals, and a online presence and we have nothing to hide and we sleep well at night!