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Air conditioning contractor in Chicago talks about allusions regarding big verses small.
Appearances can spark debate, big verses small; if you choose to use a large heating and air conditioning contractor does that means the job gets done better?.. Or more reasonable priced? With big heating and air conditioning contractor, who watches over their guys in the field? Are small heating and air conditioning contractors inferior to the big box boys? I personally don’t believe that to be true.

Let’s use some examples; its 98 degrees outside and humid of course, you call your big time heating and air conditioning guys to tell them your air conditioning system has stopped working, what response do you receive from them! 1 We will be right over, 2 we will put you on the list. Or maybe a voice message? Keep in mind that these big heating and cooling companies have to earn new money on a continuous hourly basis in order keep their doors open, what about warranties? Forget about it, there is no new money there; so make them wait” (I mean you).

Take reputation management, who has more to lose over unfavorable reviews, the big heating and air conditioning companies or the small heating and air conditioning contractor? The answer to that would probably be the small heating and air conditioning companies, and let me explain why; the majority of big heating and air conditioning companies have in house lawyers and have specialist that take care of the reputation management, who do you think pays for that? If you guessed I do.. You’re correct.
Take your mom and pop heating and air conditioning Company; I would hope the majority of us take care of our existing customers first before we move to the new customer and new money (I know we do)

Appearances can spark debate, take for example the big deal about Hilary Clinton and her ‘Au Naturale’ looks. Now you would not think that Hilary’s natural look would be such a big deal, Hilary wasn’t wearing make-up and didn’t style here hair; the media plays a big role in sparking stories that have no merit except gossip. Now reverse the role and start gossiping about the media and boy will there be hell to pay.

The same applies to the big heating and air conditioning companies, slam them a few times and watch the legal papers, emails and phone calls that follow.
My point to this blog is; don’t give the small heating and air conditioning contractors a once over, give them an opportunity to service or install your heating and air conditioning systems, you may be surprised at the price as well as the quality of service you receive.

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