Heating and Air Conditioning Consumer Guide

Heating and Air Conditioning Consumer Guide

Heating and air conditioning consumer guide. You’re the consumer and we are the guide. Have you ever wonder which furnace or central air conditioner is the best? Many people do. Let me give you a scenario .  Saturday afternoon we received a call from an inquiring mind about a problem she was having with her a/c system.

Over the phone I had told her what was the most logical issue with her a/c, and she seemed receptive. And My phone diagnostic was correct, the other company could not figure that out, go figure” However she said she needed a new a/c system that the current system was about 20 years old.

The conversation seemed to be going OK until she asked which type of a/c systems we sell. I told her Trane and Amana; however I stated I prefer Amana over Trane. When I said Amana she immediately said no way on the Amana product. She said Trane or Rheem, I said why? She said consumer reports say they are the best. LOL. “The existing system I believe she said was a Luxaire and twenty years old without maintenance, so what about Trane and Rheem? Are they the Best?

This is where I lost the conversation and interest in performing services for this person. I tried to explain about heating and air conditioning systems and how the heating and air conditioning systems are only as good as the installation and maintenance. (Will explain more in detail below) She did not want to hear that, but she did ask for approximate pricing over the phone. At this point I really did not want to go no further with the conversation but we always try to help any way we can. So therefore sight unseen, I gave her the approximate pricing.
The conversation ended abruptly, and she said she will call back. Well here it is three days later, no call. Was I expecting a call? NO.

The thing is folks, when you call heating and air conditioning companies after another HVAC company has already been out to your place, you seem to hear what they said more than you hear what we tell you over the phone. (Maybe because you paid them already, who knows?)

Giving assessments over the phone may help some but it’s better to have us out to give you an accurate diagnostic as well as a fair estimate. These pictures of an Amana Central air conditioner installed may of 1974 still functions properly. Installation was correct as well as homeowner participation, i.e. changing furnace filters as well as having us out annually to clean and check the a/c system.

heating and air conditioning consumer guide
this Amana a/c was installed in 1974 and still works great.
heating and air conditioning consumer guide
first service call in over five years where material was needed. installed 1974

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