Heating and Air Conditioning Company Reviews

Heating and Air Conditioning Company Reviews

Many consumers use online reviews to seek a good heating and air conditioning company. You will see a vast amount of reviews about heating and air conditioning companies, most all good reviews. But why don’t you see the bad reviews? The reason is that money buys the removal of bad reviews, let’s use Yelp as an example.

On yelp with our company Around The Town Heating And Cooling you will see 2 bad reviews, however underneath the bad reviews you will see filtered reviews, clink that link and you will see what I’m talking about. https://www.yelp.com/filtered_reviews/m2SS48_eIV1pt52cIvKYeA?fsid=ffUjXcdoKFwtOGfV-EpKag
hit shift ctrl and clink link, then you have to add a capthca lettering to get in, why do you ask is this possible? I will tell you, Yelp wanted our company to advertise with them for about $ 1200.00 a month, I refused to do so and this is the outcome, Yelp keeps the few lousy reviews up there for all to see and all the good reviews hidden.

A few years back a well-known heating company had about 278 bad reviews, as soon as they spent money with Yelp those bad reviews were removed and all the good reviews only show, go figure.

Better Business Bureau is basically a good service to protect the consumer; they will post negative reviews if any said company is proven to be untrustworthy or crooked, keyword here is, proven to be untrustworthy. I wonder why these other review companies aren’t held to the same standards as the Better Business Bureau? The answer lies in monetary stature, the more money you have the less the consumer can find out about that said company.

My point to this article is that don’t always believe what you read, contact the company with bad reviews and see and hear for yourself if the company sounds trustworthy or not. HVAC contractor reviews aren’t always correct, you take a consumer who is in a bad mood and your service technician or installer says or does something that consumer don’t like, guess what? They go all over the place and give the heating company a bad review.
It is important to know whom you are letting in your home or business; so therefore do your homework and keep an open mind. Thanks.

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