Heating and Air conditioning-Chicago

Heating and Air conditioning-Chicago contractors are a dime a dozen. So which company to do I use?

That’s a good question. Any business  will be scrutinized whether you are big or small in stature, whether you been around for 5 years or 30.

Heating and Air conditioning-Chicago has its ups and downs for not only the consumers but for HVAC contractors as well. I spend many hours writing blogs of a friendly nature and sometimes of an aggressive nature, and I will tell you that being a business owner is not as glorifying as some might tend to believe.

Recently we had a up shift in our work load, so we decided to hire on a new guy, boy did that prove to be a  error in judgment. I speak often about the spoils of our industry and that the consumer should know the contractor they are hiring and wouldn’t you know that the “consumer beware” came back to bite us in the butt. Like I had said we recently had an up shift of work so we hired a new guy through the recommendations of a friend of the one of the companies employees and boy with regret, I will tell you.

I have heard horror stories about other Heating and air conditioning guys doing what I’m about to tell you however I never experienced this first hand.

This new Employee we hired had went on a service call, and at the end of every day I go over all the Heating and  Air conditioning service tickets to insure proper procedures are followed and to my horrifying eyes I realized the way this service ticket was written, there was a problem in the making, so I immediately got on the telephone with this now ex-employee of Around The Town Heating and Air conditioning to ask him about this ticket and he had told me that he left a customers home with out reinstalling piping and parts he removed, He said the customer told him to leave it off  so they can get a second opinion. (Our procedures are to always leave a customers equipment, (if we don’t repair it) in the exact way we found it, unless a danger is eminent.

Of course after the conversation with the now ex- employee, I tried reaching the customer by phone with no luck, so I emailed Her and did not get a response. This was Friday. The following Monday I get a call from the husband telling me what this ex employee have done and boy did that sink to the bottom of my stomach.

Of course after listening to this customer I reimbursed their payment to our company with an apology, and of course told this customer that we do not do business this way and that he can verify our credentials and good standing with the City of Chicago,Cook County, the BBB , Angie’s list, and any other credential companies. Now I have seen a lot of things, I even seen and heard of customers complain of bad service to get their money back. I did not fire this ex- employee for what the customer told me but fired him for not following our procedures set forth in our hand book. I will not tolerate these rouge employees.

I Edward Pavlick managing director Around The Town Heating & Air conditioning worked to hard to have a small but reputable business to have employee(s) destroy it with one single action. Thanks for listening.

Just a friendly reminder to always check out a contractor and ask as many questions necessary for you to be comfortable with hiring this company.

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