heating air conditioning repair chicago

heating air conditioning repair Chicago. Chicago, its inner workings, where do all these heating air conditioning repair companies of chicago come from? Do you Know? I certainly don’t

I suppose you buy a van, you put a sign on it and walla your a heating company. Here’s a good one, there are heating air conditioning repair companies in Chicago that pull up to your house in a old cars and charges you the same rate as all the other legitimate contractors, that earned their right to own a heating air conditioning repair company in Chicago.

I personnaly know of a hvac company that works out of evergreen park and has no license in their town or Chicago and still manages to perform 300 to 400 thousand a year in sales from the locals. Go figure; it would take a ballsy guy to pull off that feat every year and no one is the wiser.  Free enterprise I guess, maybe the laws that govern contracting companies should be changed to suite the illegal immigrants and the posers acting as legal and make every thing like the wild west, no rule. Like the markus of queensbury rule.

Home owners, in time will realize that these companies exist out there and will get wise to that fact. Chicago and the suburban Municipalities needs to strenghten their rules governing hvac contractors, plumbers and electricians. As long as there is a consumer that wants to buy dirt cheap there will always be those scam companies available out there for them. And like always, you get what you pay for.

Pissed off in Chicago

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