Air Conditioning Contractor West Town Chicago

This air conditioning contractor in West Town Chicago has great promotions on air conditioning maintenance checks, discounted service call charges, and great discounts on parts cost as well as Refrigerant costs.

Summer hit us early, sure there may be some cool days returning, but the heat will overcome the cold and being prepared by having your air conditioning system maintained will be a big advantage for you. Call your heating air conditioning contractor sooner rather than later!

R-22 Refrigerant has soared through the roof.  Our costs for Refrigerant have risen 100% and are still rising!  There has been talk that a drop in replacement for R-22 will be here soon. However, for now, the cost per pound of Refrigerant is staggering.

Little things you can do as a home owner to insure your air conditioning system will start up properly is to make sure your furnace filter is clean as well as making sure your double pole 30 amp circuit breaker is on and if you cover your condenser unit (the outdoor unit) for the winter, be sure to remove the cover before start up.

The next best thing you can do for your air conditioning system is to call Around the Town Heating and Cooling for your air conditioning maintenance check.  Our pricing for your air conditioning maintenance check for single family homes with the a/c on the ground is $69.95 and for high rise condo and apartment the air conditioning maintenance check is $79.95 (some restrictions for pricing may apply).

Commercial air conditioning maintenance checks vary however for your easily accessible rooftop units the air conditioning maintenance checks start at $179.00.  Be ready for the long hot summer by scheduling your air conditioning maintenance check early!

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