Heating & Air Conditioning Chicago

Heating & Air Conditioning Installation and Repair in Chicago

Chicago has very unpredictable weather and the residents living here need to stay comfortable can sometimes be tenuous to say the least.

Heating & Air Conditioning Chicago
Chris is performing a deep cleaning on this Trane unit, which had a few leaks internal. but we cleaned and repaired the a/c, all is good.

Here’s a picture of our one of our crew working on a 5 story building, installing a Trane Air conditioner on Sunday for a customer to fit into her busy schedule. This particular customer found us on the web searching for Chicago air conditioning repair.

We specialize in fitting a customers schedule into our schedule and not the other way around.

Heating & Air Conditioning Chicago

Heating & Air Conditioning Repair in Chicago is competitive and we do what is necessary to best accommodate our customers!

Chicago Heating & air conditioning repair takes us on many journeys through out the days and weeks of both heating and air conditioning season and there is no other job we would rather do!

With  the new change overs from Refrigerant r-22 to the new ozone friendly refrigerant 410a the cost of change over has risen greatly.  There are many new steps in the change over process especial if your refrigerant piping is inside the walls and you live in a high rise building. The two refrigerants r-22 and 410a cannot be mixed, if either refrigerant even slightly mixes with each other the system becomes contaminated and procedures will have to be redone at your expense.  Do not try to haggle the price of change over because it will only affect the outcome later. I know this because I see it every day. Home owners be aware that the cross over from r-22 refrigerants and 410a can be costly.

Go Green. Thanks.


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