Heat, AC problems stress senior building’s residents

98 DegreesWhen temperatures topped 100 earlier this month, [Tsilya Nemanova, 90] Uptown apartment reached 90 degrees, she said. The building’s aging central air conditioning system simply can’t keep up, she said.

I couldn’t walk because of the hot air,” Nemanova said. “It was very, very hot.” She bought a portable cooler which she placed in her living room, but she said it barely makes a dent. “Every year we ask about the air conditioner,” Nemanova said. “They promise, promise, every year — and nothing.”

About 70 of the building’s tenants signed a petition that was delivered Tuesday to their alderman, complaining that the air conditioning has not worked properly for years and has performed particularly poorly in recent weeks.

Morale to this story is to have your air conditioning system maintained by a qualified HVAC contractor, and for you landlords, don’t be so cheap!


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