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Green HVAC Chicago, The pro’s and con’s of going GREEN
Air conditioning and Furnace Chicago contractor speaks about how much is going Green going to cost you when it comes to Green air conditioning, Green boilers and Green furnaces? The alleged Green experts question is what is the price you pay if you don’t? It’s true that Green hvac products will require a higher initial investment. Will you see Greatly reduced utility bills? We add that the real value of going green extends far beyond the energy savings you’ll enjoy. I disagree. According to the government a reduction in fossil fuel consumption and the creation of greenhouse gases, will create the peace of mind in knowing that you’re doing your part in creating a better, more environmentally responsible world for your children and grandchildren. This we agree on, however there are several good arguments to the contrary.

Corporate America along with the lobbyist and our Government create these dilutions to promote growth not for us middle class Americans, if that exists anymore”. Not to stimulate the economy, there’s a contradiction in terms; Stimulate whose economy? Supply-side economics was Reagan, Stimulate the economy was seldom heard until Mr. Idiot Bush came to dictatorship. The economy was fine until the dictator put us in all these wars and through collateral damage killed all these Americans due to his ego and greed.

For the moment forget Green. Here’s a thought to ponder? Home entertainment, VHS’s worked well; cd players work well, now we as consumers are being forced to buy what? Blue Ray player’s we can use a regular cd in Blue Ray but you can’t use blue ray in a regular cd player. It can be argued that this is solely for our better entertainment, and will stimulate the economy” is it? The government last year went completely fiber optical in our cabling system, what don’t we know about this?

Let’s get back on subject of Green.
Going Green is being forced on us the same way,as blue ray and fiber optics was, why? Yes buying green products will save you energy dollars and supposably lower the fossil fuel consumption. However by the time you truly save this money on the green hvac you purchased, it will be time to repurchase again, statement of fact. We as consumers have to spend money we don’t have so our government can consume more of the fossil fuels for their agenda’s, as well as you buy green today, tomorrow the utility companies raise their rates, Catch 22???

Now we are not completely against the Green movement, however Green becomes a topic when it suites the needs of the wealth and our Government, of course we know this is one of the same.

Tips for Green HVAC Products Such as; Air Conditioning, Boiler and Furnace use.
Increase Your Attic Insulation— adding more insulation is one of the best investments you can make. It will provide a return on investment in a matter of a few months to a few years. During a snow fall have you noticed snow on your neighbor’s roof but not yours?Provided the sun is not blaring, the most likely cause is lack of attic insulation. In the summer you go into your attic and its every bit of 160 degree’s up there, image without insulation were that heat is penetrating? Heat moves to cold, Think about that and the effects on your a/c use and the watts you are consuming. Insulate your attic and have us out to install your attic fan 312-243-9896 to remove the heat from the attic.

Install Ceiling Fans—The breeze created by a good ceiling fan can eliminate the need to run your AC on cooler days, and will allow you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher on days when your air conditioning is in operation. Ceiling fans also help distribute warm air in the winter, helping to reduce energy costs year round.
Seal and Insulate Duct work—poorly sealed duct work can drastically reduce the cooling efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, as can duct work that runs through uninsulated spaces like attics, garages, and crawl spaces. Call us today to schedule a estimate for duct wrapping 312-243-9896
Install Programmable Thermostats,programmable thermostats help reduce energy consumption since you won’t have to remember to turn the AC up or down. In addition, every degree higher you set your AC will reduce your home cooling costs by 3 to 5 percent. Programmable thermostats are a pain at first but the little pain now will increase your comfort level later. And folks be truthful your comfort level should be your concern, it is for me.

Spring is around the corner so feel free to call Around The Town Heating and Cooling about your Air conditioning sytem repair, replace or tune it up. Chicago Hvac Call 312-243-9896 or the south suburbs call 708-560-5410!


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