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Earth day is set forth to promote awareness of the environment and the effects of global warming caused by the constant polluting of earth and its atmosphere.

This article has cynicism attached to it.

Around The Town Heating & Cooling believes in the preservation of our environment; however we are not completely sold on what the government is selling concerning the causes of global warming.
We as an EPA certified HVAC Company has and will always perform our proper procedures when it comes to the Green zone, Welcome to our world of HVAC.

 The only releases that may occur, would fall under the protection of the De mininmis release rule. Section 608 Clean Air Act.
“Effective July 1, 1992, it shall be unlawful for any person, in the course of maintaining, servicing, and repairing, or disposing of any appliance or industrial process refrigerant, to knowingly vent or otherwise knowingly release or dispose of any class I or class II substance used as a refrigerant in such appliance (or industrial process refrigeration) in a manner which permits such substance to enter the environment. De minimis releases associated with good faith attempts to recapture and recycle or safely dispose of any such substance shall not be subject to the prohibition set forth.”

Think about this, the corporations and the amount of toxins they spill daily in the waterways, rivers, lakes, oceans and so on. Heating and air conditioning and refrigerants have a very small role if any in the global warming issues compared to the amount of pollution the big manufacturing corporation are spilling.  Just look at the amount of oil spills that oil companies have had. Look at the BP Whiting Indiana plant that recently has been approved to spill more toxins in Lake Michigan. Acceptable ranges of pollution. Are they insane? Just recently in the news a oil rig off the gulf of mexico had an explosion that killed 11 men and the rig sank, https://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1984338,00.html?xid=rss-topstories now I ask you, did the air conditioning guys cause that problem?

The poor refineries complain that it’s costing too much money to  dispose of their waste, so our politicians say ok dump more pollution in the waterways. The mindset of the above statement is that if the government doesn’t allow the refineries to dump more global warming waste in the lakes and oceans they will just tax us on the cost of fuel or goods.  Not good for re- election” Sounds like either blackmail or kickbacks, one of the same.

Anytime the Government screws up, it’s always the fault of the little people. Let’s go after the heating and air conditioning companies they are at fault for global warming (we HVAC contractors did not design refrigerants that kills shit, the big corporations did). Another thought about global warming, do you thing that this earth was designed to with stand the amount of rockets, space shuttles and all the foreign objects that break into the stratosphere? Again the Government.  Approximately 500.000 pounds of fuel is required to send the space shuttle into orbit, do you think that burnt fuel is clean? Oh please! I’m not against global warming protection, but let’s get to the truth to whom is really responsible for our global warming issues and go after them.

Do your part, as we always do and on April 22 2010 participate in Earth Day. Check out  our air conditioning system specials and the HVAC tax credits associated with it.

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