Going green with air conditioning and furnaces

Going green with air conditioning and furnaces next seasons wish list.

Everyone is talking about Go Green and organic vegetables. Well a good way to get organic vegetable is to go to your local grocer and look for the tag that says organic, which is healthier because it doesn’t have any pesticides on them.

We here at Around the Town Heating and Cooling an Air Conditioning Repair Service HVAC company says a good way to Go Green and eat organic vegetables is to grow your own garden. If you have a backyard you can take a small section of it and prepare it for planting by rotor tilling it or turning over the soil with a spade. If you don’t have a yard you can get large flower pots and put garden soil in them and plant your seeds or plants.

In your garden you can select the vegetables that you and your family like to eat. With the way our weather has been acting these past few years growing your own organic garden to produce healthy vegetables comes easy without much maintenance.

If you live in a high rise building and have allowable access to your roof talk with your members of the association and see if they would allow green gardens in small trays and cover your entire roof, the experts have said that this type of gardening shields the roof and blocks direct sunlight which cuts down on heat penetration as well as and gives off good free oxygen which suppose to help the ozone.
New Yorkers have been doing these gardens on their roofs for years and have smorgasbords of fresh veggies year in and year out.
Last week I was on a air conditioning service call near Taylor street and a couple had a complete garden covering their roof and boy were the veggies growing wild, of course I had to taste a small lettuce leaf, tasty, spoils of the job”. If this idea sounds good to you then research this type of gardening over this coming winter and then come April start your garden, although wait until mid may to plant.

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