Get Your Air Conditioner Ready Chicago

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready Chicago

Get your air conditioner ready Chicago, this means call big ed and crew, have them come to your home or business to perform an annual central air conditioner maintenance service.  I’m sure you see how the weather dictates when you turn on the central AC system.  The weather in Chicago has not been too hot or too cold and therefore the phones have slowed down a bit of late. This happens in all service/installation businesses especially in Chicago. Now if this was Las Vegas, air conditioning repair happens 24/7 pretty much all year around.

My point is that central air conditioning system can be turned on tomorrow during the day and then the furnaces back on that evening. When the outdoor temps is in the 60’s and 70’s it is the perfect time to get the A/c clean and maintained. Watch the weather forecast and plan accordingly before the 80’s and 90 degree days come and your central air conditioning doesn’t work!  Around The Town Heating & Cooling is currently offering a special air conditioning clean and check for residential units on the ground for only$89.95. Around The Town Heating & Cooling has several certified Chicago air conditioning repair technicians available 12 hours a day 7 days a week, although air conditioner maintenance service are performed during normal business hours during the week,  Saturday and Sundays as swell, must be scheduled the week prior to the weekend.

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready Chicago whether your central ac unit may seem to be running ok, it may be lacking proper operation such as inadequate Refrigerant charge which could be costing you dearly on your Com Ed bill. So get your central air conditioner ready Chicago  to make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible and save some money on your future energy costs in the process.  Ed’s technicians will gladly walk you through the process of the clean and check and answer any questions or concern you may have, they will also leave you with a list of tips to keep your air conditioning unit running at peak performance while keeping your energy bill down. Get the spring/summer kicked off right with a cool visit by Around the Town Heating & Cooling.

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