Furnaces Vs Boilers in Chicago

Furnaces verses Boilers. That is the age old question. Which heating device provides a better source of heat? Steam or water boiler heat is the most comfortable heat provided. However, the cost can be an issue. Forced air heat can give you efficiencies up to 97% meaning that you only lose 3% of natural gas efficiency up your chimney. However with forced air heat, you have many options to aid in cleaning your indoor air quality like Honeywell germicidal UV lights as well as the clean air effects of a Honeywell electronic air cleaner which can trap and eliminate 99% of your indoor pollutants such as dust, dander, mites and spores as well as cooking odors and cigarette smoke. Boiler heat (whether it be steam or water) is flowing through cast iron radiators gives you a pretty good efficient heat source, because cast iron retains its heat long after the boiler shuts down. That helps in less fuel consumption. Copper fin tube radiators are more appealing then cast iron radiators. However, copper fin tube baseboard cool down much more quickly, and the fuel consuption is greater.

If you live in an older home in Beverly, Chicago, or any of the suburban neighborhoods where boilers are still used and a new boiler is needed, you need to make sure your salesperson sizes the boiler correctly and gives you all the options for your boiler. It can’t hurt to see if your budget and your building structure could handle a forced air system as an option.

With the green eco-friendly movement, super high efficient boilers have been made available. However, the sticker shock has been issues for the consumer. Research what you may need then call a qualified boiler company like Around The Town Heating and Cooling.

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