Wouldn’t it be refreshing to call a heating contractor out for a free estimate for a new heating system and you’re not pitched with all the heating products they can offer you?
Knowing your options of the many types of heating equipment is a good thing however with the super high end products comes super high end pricing, sure there are rebates for these high end products, but do you really think those rebates aren’t factor into the quotes?

Purchasing those high end products are nice to talk about when sitting around the living room with your friends drinking wine, brandy or beer and holding your head up in bravado that you just spent $15000.00 on a new heating system.
Having those high end products are an ok feature, but does the price of the heating system really going to give you what you are looking for? Such as lower gas bills, Yes to that, even temperatures, not unless your ductwork was designed for that, quiet blower operation, most heating system have that feature, and cash back in your pocket? Cash back in your pocket comes to you by lower gas bills in the winter months and lower electrical bills in the summer months, which season does your hvac system run the most? In the Midwest and Chicago that question is a no brainer, winter months!

Around The Town Heating and Cooling have seen the highest end heating systems installed from one contractor and the home owner got tired of the constant visits from that contractor and called us out to remove that high end equipment, of course we used due diligent and call that particular manufacture for tech support to find that the tech support was not 100% tech savvy and that lead the customer to agree to a newer more simplistic heating system that achieved the same goals as the super high end heating system, quiet operation, lower gas bills, and a stand behind our furnace warranty type contractor, that’s us.

Regardless of what consumer wants, a good hvac contractor should suggest a heating system that will work for each individual customer, the style of their home, their life style, the style and efficiency of the windows, insulated or un-insulated duct work, location of heating system, and the budget the customer can afford.
We always want to give the customer the most bangs for their buck.
As a hvac contractor we should never over extend a customer finances for a heating system(just to get a sale) when there are many heating solutions for all price ranges.
Thanks for listening.

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