Furnace Tune Up and Cleaning

Like your car or your truck, in order to achieve peak performances you have to tune your furnace up. If you want the most efficiency from your furnace or boiler, you should consider having the heating system cleaned and tuned annually.

I hear from customers every heating season that their gas bills are high. With furnaces, we see a wide variety of issues related to high gas bills such as dirty furnace filters which can and will cause overheating creating a short cycle scenario. This means more gas usage and a potential for a furnace failure or furnace lock out.

Next, we have seen time and time again where a newer furnace (and even an older furnace) was installed and the gas pressure was not adjusted properly for the amount of return the furnace is drawing and the amount of supply it’s supplying. This causes a fluctuation in gas usages.

We also see many furnaces installed that were oversized for the home and were not properly adjusted at start up. There are instances where lack of air conditioning maintenancecaused furnace problems due to dirty or clogged evaporator coils. The air flow of the furnace blower motor flows through the evaporator coil, and if the evaporator coil is clogged, the hot air can’t travel through the supply ductwork. This causes the heat to build up in the furnace causing an unstable condition called high limiting, and the furnace limit control will trip causing the furnace to short cycle and eventual shut down on lock out.

Furnace tune ups or clean and checks have their purposes. Service technicians can tell during cleaning of the furnace any potential problem that exist. Not all furnaces have problems, a good cleaning and tune up will tell that story.

Before a furnace problem arises, get your furnace tuned up today!