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Furnace Service Chicago and older piloted type of furnaces

Q: I have an older type of furnace and the pilot light keeps going out, what can I do to stop that?

A: There are a couple of items that can be causing this problem, 1 the thermocouple may be defective.
2 the gas valve internal pilot-stat may not be holding in no more due to age (a pilot stat is an internal device in the gas valve that is held open by the millivolts produced by the thermocouple)
3. The thermocouple may not be positioned properly for the burning pilot to impinge on the thermocouple.
4 The thermo draft from the chimney may be pulling the pilot flame away from the thermocouple.
5 There may be cracks in the heat exchanger and a positive pressure may be sucking out the flame,” if this is the case then safety comes to play and a new furnace will be required.
6  We have seen from time to time the bottom door where the blower motor is located has lost a good tight seal and the air is blowing or sucking the flame out.
7  Chimney blockage can be another source of this problem.
8 Also dirt builds up, and a dirty pilot assembly can cause the flame to be yellowish and the combustion is not correct.

These are your most common problem with the older type of piloted furnaces. Furnace service Chicago teams up with Around the town Heating and Air conditioning to help with all your furnace problems.

If you own a piloted furnace it is recommended that you have a qualified furnace repair contractor out to inspect all aspects of your furnace. 312-243-9896.

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