Furnace sales Chicago

The summer of 2011 brought us the heat we didn’t want and our air conditioners ran nonstop until they broke or until our electric bills were sky high. Summer is pretty much past us now, well at least the extreme heat is.

During the extreme heat not only did the a/c run continuously, but the furnace did as well because the furnace is the intracol part of the whole mechanical operation of cooling.

If your furnace is older, than it really pushed its limits past the furnace age.  Many homes had water damage and plenty of moisture from the cold ducts that run through the basement.  That means moisture built up in and around the furnace which very well could have done harm to your furnace.

August and September brings furnace sales around the Chicagoland area.  Around the Town Heating and Cooling has many furnace sales from the 80% efficient furnaces to the 95% efficient furnaces and higher.  Give us a call, so we can give you our best rate!

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