Furnace Repair Verses Replace

Furnace repair verses replace seems to be on the minds of the consumers in need of furnace repair. We have been asked on many occasions is my furnace worth repairing. With the help and support of Around the Town Heating and Coolings technicians and the management, we are confident we can guide you through your decision.

Furnace repair verses replace decision has many key factors at play. Repairing an old inefficient furnace may not allow you the benefits of lower your gas bills. And another key factor concerning furnace repair or replace is that with an outdated furnace there is no parts warranty. So therefore the full cost of repair is yours, and that’s when the decision of furnace repair verses replace comes to bare.

We have had customers authorize replacement parts on their old and inefficient furnace after our technicians had informed our customers that a new furnace is recommended. Shortly thereafter a new furnace was needed. Whom do you think gets the blame?

We here at Around the Town Heating and Cooling always suggest what’s correct concerning our customers heating and cooling system, if the furnace is worth repairing we do so, even if it’s not and our customer wants the repair, we do so ( if the furnace is safe)but with strong objection.

Furnace repair verses replace
This was a no brainer, this furnace Janitrol better known for junkatrol had multiple cracks in the heat exchanger. We replaced it with!
Furnace repair verses replace
This is a Westinghouse furnace which we had on sale in 09


Over the years when we have informed our customer that a repair is not warrantied and they go ahead and do it anyways, we usually get the pissed off look when they needed a new furnace sooner than later. Here is a website that will help you determine the cost of heating and cooling your home www.energystar.gov.

When we tell a customer they need a new furnace or air conditioning system, then that means they do. We never mislead anyone concerning their heating and cooling system. That’s why our technicians document everything on their invoices.

We have heard stories of heating contractors saying a consumer needed a new furnace when they in fact did not need a new furnace. So consumers being leary is rightfully so.
You can be confident to know that Around the Town Heating and Cooling will always tell it straight when it comes to furnace repair verses replace.
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