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If you’ve ever lived in the Midwest, you probably know just how cold it can get!

The temperatures can drastically drop in the Chicago area during the winter months rapidly plummeting to single digits. When the chilly wind is whipping around the town and the snow is blanketing the city, it’s comforting and gives you peace of mind knowing that you can stay inside and keep warm with the use of your indoor heating system. Since it’s only human nature to want to keep warm, this time of year is obviously by far the worst time to have a problem with your furnace or other type of heating system. Unfortanately, citizens of the Chicago area are more than likely all too familiar with this frustrating aspect of living in a northern city.

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Sals hooking venting tubing to drain

Of course no homeowner wants to spend tons of money on a repair he or she could have easily fixed themselves, and that’s why if you notice that your furnace has suddenly stopped working there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to try and get your living or office space nice and toasty again. First, switch over the emergency shut off on your breaker, let it sit off for a minute or two and then flip it back on to reset it. Most times this will fix the issue and your heater will kick in within a few minutes, but occasionally the issue can be a lot more serious. Is your furnace still not working after being reset by turning it off and then on again? There might be a bigger issue that can only been determined by a professional who can get into your system and see what exactly is going on to locate the problem. An HVAC system contractor can diagnose the problem quickly and get you a little relief to make it comfortably through the rest of the winter.

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  1. Jesse says:

    What a great deal! I cannot believe the amount of rebates that you can get with a new furnace. I see that you offer gas boiler repairs as well, that is a good service!

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