Furnace Repair In Chicago 2013

Furnace Repair In Chicago 20133
Happy New Year Chicago

Furnace repair in Chicago 2013 verses furnace repair and installations in Chicago from 30 years ago.

In the 1970”s, 80’s and the early 90’s furnace installation cost were 30 to 40% higher than today.  Furnace repairs were slightly lower then. There are many reasons for this; one big reason is that almost all furnace components that makes a complete furnace were made in America. So therefore the cost to manufacture a furnace back then was higher.

And back in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s the heating and air conditioning trade was an honorable trade and the consumer wanted honorable and reputable well-trained furnace repair contractor and furnace installation contractors.

Today anyone on the internet claiming to be a heating and air conditioning contractor will get calls from the consumer, especially if they work for cheap.

This HVAC industry has change so drastically in the favor of the consumer. Just like the real-estate market, it’s a buyer’s market and those with the big investment bucks will make out surely. This too will be changing.
In the last 30 years or so the majority of the furnace components have been made in China and Mexico, so therefore furnace manufacturing cost in the past has decreased. Soon this too will change. Keep in mind, with the ever soaring cost of shipping fuel and labor and all the new tax laws that are coming, furnace costs will increase drastically.

Now add the new furnace law to the equation, Furnace repairs in Chicago and pretty much anywhere in the northern region of the United States is certainly going to change in the new year of 2013.

With the new furnace laws approaching in May 1st 2013 many people will find that repairing their old furnace may be more financially beneficial then replacing it until furnace installation prices stabilize. Reason being is that rumors concerning pricing for new furnaces will soar due to the new furnace laws. We have not received any thing in writing from the furnace manufactures as of yet. But we believe that when the new furnace law gets very close, prices will increase greatly.

So therefore furnace repair prices in Chicago may increase expediently due to the higher costs of new furnaces. Furnace components are already increasing. However if your furnace needs repairing, and you have been postponing it, you may want to start your search for a good furnace repair in Chicago contractor.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013

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