Furnace Repair Chicago

Furnace Repair ChicagoFurnace Repair Chicago reminds all Chicagoans that winter is here and it is very cold outside. If your furnace or boiler has been giving you problems in the past or you had flood damage and you have not had the chance to fix your furnace, heater, or boiler, it might be a good idea to start finding a HVAC contractor in Chicago to get pricing on the repairs you may need.

Sometimes repairing old furnaces or boilers is not a good idea. How will you know if a replacement furnace verses a repair is needed? Your natural gas bills may be a good indicator. Also, constantly having to repair your old furnace or boiler may be a good indicator.  Multiple repairs can be costly, and if you weigh the cost of repairs verses a standard furnace, they may equalize. What I mean is that if you get a standard 80% – 83% efficient furnace, three repairs may equal the price of a new furnace! Plus, any new furnace installed today comes with a bare minimum of a 10 year parts warranty and a minimum of a 2 year labor warranty.

This year ends the heating tax credit incentive from the government, so don’t miss out if you can afford a high efficient Chicago furnace or Chicago boiler. If you can’t afford that one, we can always find something for you and your budget with better efficiencies and with a 10 year parts warranty.