Furnace Rebates Free Furnace Chicago, Act Now

Furnace Rebates Free Furnace Chicago, Act Now

Furnace Rebates Free Furnace Chicago, Hey Chicagoan’s listen to this; Through November 30th 2012 Around the Town Heating a registered dealer of Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas has a select opportunity for you to have a new 95% efficient furnace installed into your home.

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Great Furnace rebate free furnace

Do you know who will pay for your new furnace? In Chicago; your gas company, that’s who! Chicago Residential Free Furnace program is a great deal for those in need of a new furnace with a minimal amount of out of pocket expense.

With the new minimum efficiency laws approaching the deadline,  the new furnace law states that all furnaces in the northern region of the United States (that means us in Chicago) requires a minimum efficiency of 90% , no exceptions.

Furnace Rebates Free Furnace, How this deal works is quite simple actually, we will come and install a new furnace of 95% efficiency which qualifies for the furnace rebate program, and this program will pay for the furnace purchase. All you need to do is dish out a little money which covers the labor for our installers and the miscellaneous sheet metal and PVC piping for venting the furnace.

Free furnace with furnace rebate

We will install your furnace to Chicago code and even throw in a new thermostat. We will remove all debris from your premises and give you a ten year parts warranty. Any upgrades may be an additional cost.
The average cost you will pay is about $1500.00, nothing more. Some restrictions may apply but not many. That price for a new 95% efficient furnace is a sizzling deal, don’t wait too long because the deal ends November 30 2012.

If you are interested in a Furnace Rebates Free Furnace call now while supplies last. 312-243-9896

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