Furnace Rebates Chicago

Furnace rebates Chicago

If you weren’t aware that furnace rebates are available to you then you’re missing out. Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas has an excellent Natural Gas Savings Program. Their offering rebates for the purchase of high efficient furnace or boiler and as a Thank you for purchasing a high efficient boiler or furnace from Around The Town Heating or your local HVAC contractor to help the reduction of fossils fuel consumption, we are doubling the rebate amount through November 30th 2012. Guidelines as follows:
• Complete your high efficient furnace or boiler project before December 1 and submit your completed application by November 30, 2012; you will receive double the standard rebate (attic insulation rebate excluded).
• Complete a high efficient heating project in December and submit your application by December 31, 2012; you will receive a 50% increase on the standard rebate (attic insulation rebate excluded).

This is an extraordinary deal, and if you are in the market for a new furnace? Why not buy the best with cash back to you? And not only are you getting a great deal from the Peoples Gas and Energy but your natural gas bills will decrease by at 40%, we have seen were customers cut their gas usages in half. Now isn’t that worth purchasing a high efficient furnace or boiler from Around the Town Heating and Cooling?

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