furnace problems / furnace repair/ furnace odor

Did your furnace act weird last night? Heating season has begun. Usually we receive calls stating that a furnace or boiler has acted weird or was smelling funny and the home owner was concerned.

Many times during furnace start up you may get a dust burning smell. Many homes have dust trapped in the duct work and that smell is not uncommon. However, that is a wakeup call that it is time to maintain your boiler or furnace. A furnace switching from summer to winter mode usually has some furnace problems associated with that action especially after a long hot summer. We have seen where evaporator coil drains have had slight leaking of condensate water during air conditioning usage and the water dripped onto your hot surface igniter or onto your furnace control board creating furnace problems. These problems usually rear their ugly heads at the first furnace start up.

If you are experiencing these problems call the furnace company Chicago you can rely on at 708-560-5410 or 312-243-9896. We will be happy to check it out for you!