Furnace not working correctly this summer

Have you noticed that your furnace has not been working correctly this summer? Are some of the signs which makes you think the furnace is not working correctly as follows; you notice in the summer that your furnace runs longer and makes unusual noises that you normally don’t hear. The answer to that could be as follows; your furnace filter may be dirty or clogged, your Refrigerant levels are low,your evaporator coil could be dirty or clogged and some ice is forming and dripping down the inside of your furnace making the noise, the blower motor squirrel cage fins may be dirty or clogged causing whining of the wheel while the blower motor is running in a/c mode.

During the storms this past summer have you heard pinging noises? That can be the rain hitting the venting on the roof which travels down to ear shot or you can be missing a chimney cap and that should be looked at right away before water damage and mold can occur.
Other issues with the furnace not working correctly this summer can be loose debris in the blower compartment of your furnace which can be banging around making unusual noises.

Another thing people over look during the storms this summer is, if you had water penetration in your basement and it got high, but according to you, not high enough to damage the furnace, So therefore it is a good possibility that water got trapped in the bottom of the blower motor housing and is sloshing around making noises and over taxing the blower motor it is easy to overlook this.

The thing about furnaces and water they do not mix, like oil and water. With the modern technologies of today the furnace electronics are not impervious to water, not yet anyhow. All the above statements lend itself to the importance of a furnace tune up or maintenance check.

When you hear strange noises when your furnace is running along with the a/c or the furnace by itself that’s your sign that it’s time to call Around the Town Heating and cooling for a maintenance check, prolonging that call could be costly. 708-560-5410 or 312-243-9896

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