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Furnace News Flash” if by now you haven’t heard about the new furnace laws coming May 1st 2013(read the link) then it may be of interest for the homeowners of high rise condos and high rise apartment buildings as well as town-home owners, to read the above link! Note; it has been rumored that law suits will be popping up concerning these new furnace efficiency standard laws.

Furnace News
The different shades of blue out line the timeline of the new furnace laws, and where they apply in the United States..

Furnace Rebates News Flash”
Furnace rebates are always nice when you need to purchase a new furnace, however furnace rebates do expire and matter of fact in Chicago the furnace rebates from Peoples Gas and are set to expire the $1000.00 rebate come November 30th 2012 however Peoples Gas will continue the rebates until December 31th 2012 of $750.00 for the 95% efficient furnace and $450.00 for the 92% efficient furnace.

Furnace Rebate’s Expires News Flash” Come December 31st all double rebates expire and the normal rebates will apply until May 31st. 2013 at that time Peoples Gas Company rebates expire.

Furnace Repair News Flash” Through the new year Around the Town heating and Cooling has lowered the service charge rate to $59.00 which covers the service call plus diagnostic time to figure out your furnace problem. This furnace repair news applies to residential furnaces only.

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