My Furnace is Making Noises

When my furnace starts it makes a whining noise.

Question: Does anyone knows what this can be?

Answer: this whining noise you speak of; can be multiple issues, 1 the inducer motor can be failing, after all it is a Mecanical part.  2  the furnace may be over heating causing the inducer motor to whine. Corrective actions, check furnace filter, over heating furnaces can be caused by a clogged furnace filter. My furnace is making noises can also be a failing blower motor. This failing blower motor can be due to a clogged furnace filter. Now you might say my filter is clean, but has it always been clean? Many people in my experience will call us for service, when we arrive the furnace filter is brand new, I see this and ask the customer, what was the condition of the old filter? Some customers will answer truthfully and say it was filthy or clogged, others will look at me strangely and say oh” it was slightly dirty, but the first thing that this customer checked was the filter. So therefore it was clogged but they didn’t want to admit it.

Noisy furnaces can be caused by clogged evaporator coils, the evaporator coil is the internal part of the air conditioning system which usually is upstream of the supply air of your hvac system. Causes for clogged evaporator coils are lack of a furnace filter or lack of furnace filter maintenance. Now the dark side of a whining furnace can be the ultimate betrayal , the heat exchanger has failed and has cracks causing the extreme heat to escape the heat exchanger and into the airstream causing inducer motor failure, blower motor failure.

Now the darkest side of this occurrence is carbon monoxide exposure that can lead to an extreme health risk or death. My furnace is making noises. Act responsibly and call us for a furnace tune up to insure a safe and efficient operating furnace.

Thanks Big Ed

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