Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance near White Sox Park (US Cellular Field) White sox played pretty well this year 2012 (and it’s not over yet) however I think that these guys should have swung more at the first pitch, I watched every game this year whether it was on TV in the evenings or on Comcast sports net central classics. I seen them all and 99% of the first pitches to our guys where home run hitting strikes and the sox hitters just watched the ball go by. Then the next few pitches sucked and they swung missing the ball of course. Another thing Ventura screwed up on is his inability to see when our pitchers were in trouble and waited too long to relieve our troubled pitchers.

The Sox did great this year and I’m a big fan, however during these summer months; driving in the vicinity of 333 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60616-3621 which is better known for Sox Park sucked for us heating and air conditioning guys trying to fix furnaces and air conditioning systems. With fans going to the Sox games and road construction everywhere it was a tenuous task to say the least but we did it and provided comfort cooling to our new and existing customers.

Furnace maintenance near White Sox Park come fall and winter isn’t so bad because post season play is almost over or will be over by the time the cool air comes calling and the furnaces are running at full steam. However if the cold temperatures come before the post season is finished no worries we will get to your home to repair your furnace without despair.

It is always advisable to have your furnace maintenance prior to the cold temps that comes calling. And if you were to forget to get your furnace maintenance and missed out on the pre season pricing for furnace maintenance, no problem click on the home tab above and click on the coupon box to receive your money saving coupon.

So fall is approaching and before a furnace repair is necessary at your home or business call the good guys of Around the Town Heating and Cooling to schedule your furnace maintenance today at 312-243-9896 Thanks.

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