Furnace maintenance in Chicago, every season we send o her 80% ignore or didn’t receive or just plainly say I will get to it later.

We also back up our post card mailings with an email reminder through mail chimp. We do not bother our customers with phone calls because we feel it’s and intrusion. I surely do not like telephone marketing myself. Therefore we eliminate those solicitation tactics. (even though it’s important).

However what we as heating guys feel important, a consumer may not.
We can’t stress enough the importance of a thorough furnace maintenance in Chicago check. With our mailings and emails we send out, those whom choose not to have their furnace maintenance performed are the very same people that end up calling us with furnace issues. And the cost of ignoring furnace maintenance checks is usually much greater then the pre-season specials.

Our pre-season furnace maintenance check is there for you to take advantage of a good thorough furnace maintenance at a discounted rate.
Our pre-season furnace maintenance check will find issues such as; dirty and clogged furnace filters that will cause your furnace to shut down on over heating safety limit. Other issues we will find during our pre-season furnace maintenance checks are as follows.

1. Cracked heat exchanger, which can cause carbon monoxide spillage
2. Defective or dirty flame sensors
3. Failing or carboned up ignitors
4. Flue pipe issues, clogged or restricted
5. Failing inducer or venter motors, which has a direct bearing with item 4
6. Gas pressures; is the gas pressure adjustment correct?
7. Blower motor, is the blower motor running at correct speed?
8. High efficiency furnaces, are the drain passages open, not clogged?
9. Furnace safeties, are all the safeties operational? Safeties are in place to protect you and your family? As well as the furnace itself.
These few items are important, so therefore having your furnace maintenance in Chicago check really is a good idea.


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