Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance and its importance!

Have you had your furnace maintenance performed lately? If not it’s like playing the lottery, but instead of winning cash you may have to dish out your hard-earned cash for expensive furnace repairs. Or even worse!

Take the winners of the Powerball Mark and Cindy Hill for example, this is the proof that it only takes one chance to win, well a $10 chance. However the lack of furnace maintenance only requires one chance for your furnace to break down and that chance can be costly to you as well as deadly.

Furnace maintenance is important; having your furnace tuned up will tell if there are any problems with your furnace. Having your furnace maintenance performed can be the difference of life and death when it comes to carbon monoxide poisoning, or possibly a furnace fire. A thorough furnace maintenance check will tell the real condition of your furnace.

Around the Town Heating performs furnace maintenance with safety in mind. Sure your furnace may be old and look terrible, however it might be safe and good to go. Your furnace may look like it was installed yesterday, nice and shiny and have the appearance of cleanliness but that is only an appearance and the furnace may not be operating properly or safe for that matter.

So therefore if you want to take a chance that your furnace is ok for this winter coming, by all means do. However it is suggested by the furnace manufactures as well as Around the Town Heating that a furnace maintenance check is required. Besides isn’t it better to know then to risk it? I think so, don’t you?

Keep it simple and safe this heating season call 312-243-9896 to schedule your furnace maintenance today. Go to Facebook and check out our specials.

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