Furnace Flood Recovery

Furnace Flood Recovery
For most of us this unusually warm weather this week is a nice relief from the cold. This week and last weeks snowfall is finally starting to melt which has turned most of the snow into slush. If you’ve taken a walk or drive today you’ll see water and puddles everywhere.

For an unlucky few, this can equate to basement flooding. All of the snow surrounding your home or apartment can quickly melt leaving a large amount of water that may seep into your basement. We all know flooding can cause extensive damage to basement interior, utilities, and flooring.

Water exposure or flooding to your furnace can be devastating. Most furnace units or boilers can be completely ruined by prolonged exposure to water. Even if your unit seems to be working properly after flooding, it could fail at any moment.

As the experts in Furnace Flood recovery, Around the Town’s skilled technicians can inspect your unit, maintenance or repair any necessary parts to prevent you from having to buy an entirely new furnace.

Don’t let your heating unit go to waste, call us today if your basement has experienced any recent flooding!

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