Furnace Financing

It’s time for a new furnace, you know you need one, however the money is scarce but your credit is decent. Where are furnace loans available? At Around the Town Heating and Cooling, we offer financing two ways.

First, we have Spring Leaf Financing that’s available to you. If you live in Chicago, we also have Peoples Gas loans available through AFC First Financial Corporation that can be billed through your monthly gas bill at a low rate of 4.99% with no money down.

When you are getting quotes from hvac contractors, don’t answer the famous first liner — how do you plan on paying for this installation? By answering that question before you get a verbal or written quote, you may open yourself to a higher price for the furnace or air conditioner you need.

With Around the Town Heating and Cooling, our prices are the same whether you pay by cash, credit card, or financing. Financing is not a doorway for ignoring your rights. When a hvac contractor tells you that you are getting a 10 or 15 year parts and labor warranty PLEASE READ the fine print on that contract that says so. Every day, we hear from customers that they have a ten year parts and labor warranty on a newer furnace but the installing contractor tells them 2 weeks before they can get a technician out to them ,because they are that booked. All our customers hvac needs are our priority. How many people are willing to wait for heating service when it’s cold outside and the temps are falling in their home? Not many, including me; but this is the cold hard facts to which this happens daily.

There are predatory contractors out there that are only interested in your money, and once you sign that contract and your money has already been spent, that’s when you are told they are booked solid for two weeks. In the meantime, you are cold and what do you do? You call around looking for a hvac service company that can come by ASAP to give you some heat. That service company may give you the part under warranty; however they are not obligated to do so.

The service call and labor you have to pay, so therefore, when you sign a contract for new hvac equipment make sure you get your warranty termed within 24 hours of failure of your equipment.

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