Furnace cleaning

Last evening, we had our first chilly night. Some of our customers have already turned their furnace on to remove the chill in the air. We know this because we received many calls for furnace cleaning the next morning. Is your furnace ready for fall and winter?

After this long hot summer, many furnaces took a beating through the air conditioning systems use. Furnace cleaning should be on everyone’s schedule, especially now that the kids are in school and the summer time activities have slowed its pace.

Around The Town Heating Furnace cleaning consists of:

• Thermostat check and calibration
• Cleaning burners
• Cleaning and inspection of blower motor
• Physically cleaning furnace surfaces and inside cabinet of furnace with a cleaning solution
• Inspecting furnace filter/ and installing a new filter.
• Checking carbon monoxide levels in home and in flue pipe chamber, after system is cleaned and running.
• Adjusted gas pressures in accordance with temperature difference between supply and return.
• Checking and proving all safeties function properly during furnace run test after cleaning.

Our furnace cleaning technicians do much more to insure your furnace is ready for Fall/winter.
  Furnace cleanings are $79.95 and any additional systems at the same location are $25.00.

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