No Heat Chicago — Need a Furnace Repair?

You come home to your safe haven for the evening and take your coat off and notice that it’s not as toasty warm like it should be. Your first thought is to go to the thermostat and make sure the switch is on heat and the dial is turned up. Your next move is to go and look at the furnace or boiler and see if anything is happening, you turn switches on and off and still nothing happens.

Image of a Bryant FurnaceNow your mind wanders and you think what do I do and who do I call?  Some contractors may have previously left a sticker on your furnace or boiler and that gives you a starting point, if no sticker is present you may call a trusted friend and ask them who they use for there heating repairs? If no one really knows, then you turn to the Internet. You must choose and hope you are making the right choice.

If you come across a situation as described above, feel confident that Around The Town™ Heating & Cooling will assist you in any way we can! Another thing, if we don’t have the means to repair your furnace or boiler equipment that night we will provide you with safe electric heaters until we can make your repairs the next morning. We never leave a customer without some source of heat.

Call or Contact Us Online Today to Schedule an Appointment for Heating, Furnace or Boiler Repair or Replacement in the Chicago Area.

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