Furnace Air Filters

Furnace air filters, heating and air conditioning contractors all over the world know the importance’s of the furnace air filters. Shouldn’t you?

Season after season we see furnace and air conditioning system break downs due to dirty furnace air filters. The furnace air filter was originally designed to keep the dirt from being trapped in the blower motors and on limit controls pre nineteen sixties, when air conditioning systems for home became popular and affordable in the late fifties and early sixties, the need for furnace air filters increased expediential.

Due to the large volume of central air conditioning systems installed in the residential sector, the furnace air filter became a crucial component in furnace and air conditioning operations. How’s that you may ask? We’ll let me explain; with central air conditioning systems you have a component called the evaporator coil, the evaporator in most cases are installed up stream of the blower motor and without a furnace air filter the dust and dirt that accumulates in your structure gets circulated by the blower motor and gets sucked back to the furnace through the return system of your ductwork, and when the dust and dirt goes back to the furnace without the furnace air filter the dust and dirt would travel through the blower squirrel cage and lodge into the evaporator coil.

Pre air conditioning, if a filter was not present the dust or dirt would be continuously circulated through your home or structure and eventually build up on the blower squirrel cage, causing air flow problems and the furnace would breakdown due to overheating caused by low air flow. We call this limiting, the limit control which acts as a safety would shut down the burners when a set point high temperature was reached. The blower motor would keep running until the limit control came back to normal operational temperature and then allow the burners to relight and the cycle would perpetuate itself until the limit control would fail and you would have to call a heating repair service company to come out and fix your furnace.

With the realized need of cleaner air filtration in your home, furnace air filters has become an importance’s of epic proportions. Checking your furnace air filter monthly is highly recommended. And if you purchase a pleated three month filter make sure you read the labeling on the package. A three month filter only means that it may be used up to three months. Checking your filter monthly should be as important as paying your mortgage. If you have any questions feel free to call Ed at 312-243-9896 concerning any questions you may have about your furnace air filter.

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