Free Estimate for a New Central Air Conditioning System

I f you’re in the market for a new central air conditioning system and price dictates the purchase, remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Price should be a consideration but not the only consideration, installation and quality of the air conditioning equipment should be considered as well.

If you have a air conditioning contractor in your home quoting a estimate, make sure everything quoted to you is in writing and compare apples to apples when it’s time to make your decision, one contractor will tell you that their air conditioning equipment is better than the others quoted to you, equipment brands do differ from one another however the best air conditioning systems is the one that is installed correctly and that you the buyer allows the air conditioning contractor to sell all that is necessary for the a/c system to work properly.

If the selling contractor states you need a new evaporator coil or your return system is not set up correctly or your thermostat is in the wrong place, consider what the contractor is explaining to you. Another item concerning central air conditioning systems we see on a regular basis is the locations of the central air conditioning systems condenser (outside unit) if the condenser is under a deck, take in consideration that you may have to move it to a new location.

If you are changing your air conditioning system from a R-22 refrigerant system to the new mandated refrigerant 410 A, there are necessities that cannot be dismissed due to price, for example if the copper refrigerant lines cannot be change out due to the location of the lines and the cost of changing them would be way out of reach then by all means allow the air conditioning contractor the extra cost to provide the flush kits that needs to be used in order for the new system to be installed, correctly.

If a air conditioning contractor suggests changes to your air conditioning or furnace system in order for your new central air conditioning system to perform exactly the way they were meant to, please keep an open mind, because the old adage measure twice cut once can save you money in the long run, and besides who wants to spend more money on a brand new a/c system a year later because originally a cheap price was the deciding factor…
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