Flood/water damage of your furnace or boiler

Have you had problems with water in your basement due to the rain storms? Has your furnace or boiler been affected by these storms? Do you know or are you curious if your furnace or boiler has been affected by these storms?

First thing you should do if water flooded your basement is to remove all water if possible.  Next, if the water was high enough to affect your furnace or boiler, you need to shut the furnace or boiler switch off as soon as you can as well as the gas shut off by the side of the unit.  You should then remove the door panels on your furnace or boiler and place a fan by the unit pointing to the front of the boiler or furnace. By doing so, it may help in salvaging your heating unit.  The next thing you should do is call Around the Town Heating and Cooling to schedule your inspection on the heating unit.

Our inspection fees are very reasonable, and we will help you with the insurance company by documenting everything you need for your insurance company to pay your claim.

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