Flooded Furnace Problems

Flooded furnace problems can be tricky to figure out. However with the right tools and know how, flooded furnace problems can be fixed.

Flooded furnace problems are usually caused by the torrential rain falls we get around the Chicago land area. Just last night (9-19-2013) we received some serious rain fall amounts which in fact have already caused flooded furnace problems.
Flooded basements causes harm to gas furnaces, boilers, laundry appliances and freezers as well as hot water tanks and hot water heaters and not limited to boilers and any other central heating system. Of course your personal possessions. If your basement flooded and the water is gone, put fans down there to dry up the area so mold don’t set in. Shut the furnace switch at the furnace off. Remove and discard  the old wet furnace filter.

As a homeowner there are precautions you can take to help alleviate flooded basements.
1. Back Up generators will keep your power on during power outages, allowing your sump pumps to continuously remove water from your basement.
2. Back-flow preventers (especially in the City of Chicago) are a must. The city sanitation department always seems to open the flood gates after basements everywhere are flooded. Back-flow preventers stop sewer and rain water from backing up in your basement drains.
3. Back up sump pumps, a good quality back up sump pump will buy you about 8 hours of pumping capability if your power was to go out and you do not have a backup generator.
4. Checking all your gutters and down spouts, making sure they drain away from your house helps greatly.
5. This is a cheap way to save your personal belongings, elevate every thing off the basement floor at least 2 feet. You can use milk crates and long pieces of wood and stack everything on that make shift shelf.
Flooded furnace problems are not just your problem; thousands of people in the Chicago land area get affected by these occurrences yearly. And at one point FEMA will not continually give money for these flooding problems.

It is my opinion that what FEMA should do, is get together with the city of Chicago Sanitation department and come up with a solution to stop these waters from backing up into our homes from the sewers. Instead of paid bicycle stations, the city of Chicago should start installing back-flow preventers in every tax payers main sewer line just out side your home to alleviate these flooding issues. ( Ya Right” that will happen). And homeowners alike should have  a sump pump  and a back up sump pump installed, if you don’t have one already.

Flooded furnace problems should be addressed as soon as the basement flooded and the water is gone from the basement. Call Around the Town Heating and Cooling for assistance today at 312-243-9896

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