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While you are searching for a hvac contractor, you will find lists and lists of heating and cooling contractors. It may be difficult to figure out who to choose.

That is a decision we all have to make concerning service needs. I myself call and talk to the representative of the service company, and if I get a good vibe, I go with them. I sometimes check them out on review site. When I check the company out, it gives me a feeling of what I should be watching out for when that said company comes to my home or business to provide me a service.

Do you have the right to question a service provider’s employee concerning that visit to your home or business, and the repairs they are suggesting? Absolutely. I have heard stories from our customers about a contractor telling them to buy a 3 month filter but you can goes as long as 9 months before you have to changes the filter. That is absolutely terrible advice! 3 month filters must be monitored monthly for cleanliness or the lack of a dirt film. If there is a concentration of dirt after the first month, you need to change the filter. Some of those 3 month filters can get expensive which is why we recommend the cheaper blue filters and change them monthly no matter what. If you are remodeling your home or business, you need to check the filter almost daily providing you are running either your furnace or air conditioning system. Generally, residential and light commercial boilers don’t have filters. However, boilers with an air handling system attached to it will. Cast iron stand alone radiators and base board heating radiators don’t have filters, but the sections on the stand alone radiators should be void of any debris as well as fin tube radiators should be blown out or shopped vacced for cleanliness. (That will require you to remove the front covers).

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