Evergreen Park Residents Buying New Air Conditioners In Record Numbers!

Evergreen Park, Illinois 60805
Evergreen Park, Illinois 60805

evergreen-parkWith energy prices that seem to never fall in our favor, we have noticed a big increase in sales of more energy efficient equipment in Evergreen Park, Illinois 60805 including but not limited to Go green automobiles, front load washer and dryers, and of course, higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratiocentral air conditioning systems and AFUE (Annual fuel utilization efficiency) high efficient furnaces and boilers over 90% in its efficiency.

We track where our sales per month average and Evergreen Park tops the list! This could mean a couple of things. The residents in Evergreen Park would rather save their money instead of giving it to the utility companies or they were forced to buy new systems because of the age of the equipment, or the cost of repair was too great.

Remember, part of keeping those efficiencies levels at their peak performance is to have your equipment serviced every year. Air conditioning season is alway approaching around here and its getting time to call and schedule an appointment for your air conditioning tune-up again before you know it.

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