Energy star heating and cooling equipment

There is a lot of new heating and cooling equipment out there that is very cool like this Westinghouse air conditioniner and this hot new Modulating Furnace by Westinghouse. If you are interested in high end Furnace and air conditioning systems, you really need to check out those 2 heating and cooling pieces of equipment. This equipment is awesome to have and is expensive as well. The Westinghouse has a10 year warranty and the 10 year quality Pledge! Research these cool man machines and give Around The Town Heating and Cooling a call for a free in home estimate on these high end green products.

This equipment is not inexpensive, but its cool stuff. The Heating and Air conditioning manufactures are continually coming up with new products to sooth the savage beast in high end savvy consumers. If you are one of those high end energy star beasts, give Around The Town Heating and Cooling a call at 312-243-9896.

Spring has come, and for you high-rise condo owners you have already tried your a/c for the first time in 2010 and was your a/c keeping up? Be sure by having your air conditioning system tuned up this Spring.

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