Energy saving tips for my central air conditioning

 energy saving tips for my central air conditioning

Are your summer time electric bills high, did you know that 70% of your electric bill year to year is your central air conditioning system? Have you noticed your compressor getting louder as it ages? And are your lights dimming when you’re a/c starts up?  Call 312-243-9896

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it’s time to revitalize your existing a/c system.

We offer a revolutionary product that actually works, and is guaranteed to decrease your electric bills by as much as 11 % and decrease the noise level in your compressor greatly. As any home owner knows who has their a/c system by their deck or patio the noise of the a/c can be bothersome during operation especially when you have guest over or a family function. Call 708-560-5410

Power outages and Chicago, it’s not uncommon to have power outages due to weather conditions in Chicago i.e., excessive heat, lighting strikes, high winds, and of course not paying your electric bill. Call 708-499-5334

During power outages or power surges the appliance that takes the worst beating is your compressor of your central air conditioning system. Call 773-580-2800

We have a cure to protect your air conditioning system from those power issues.
Dimming lights when your a/c starts up can be corrected by using our revolutionary hard start kit.

Call the number one hvac contractor in Chicago at 312-243-9896.

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