Humidifier End of Winter Special!

Humidifier end of winter special.

As you may have noticed the winter season is coming to a close, I  doubt any more of the sub zero weather we had in this past December and early January is coming back. However the lack of humidity presents a uncomfortable feeling such as dry noise, scratchy throat other issues are dry eyes and dry skin. This is why we offer a Humidifier end of winter sale. This sale also includes a free furnace tune-up as well as a free ac tune up come spring 2017.


Humidifier end of winter special!
Get rid of the dry nose, dry eyes and scratchy throat. Call for our great Aprailaire special today, with that bonus deal!

Residential Humidifiers specials; Install a new Aprilaire 500m by pass humidifier and receive a free furnace tune up and central air conditioning tune up come spring 2017. Total cost of humidifier installation is $469.00.

We may ask you to text or email us a general picture of your furnace are so that we can insure that the humidifier will fit with your current furnace system.

3 Ways to Contact Us

Email,  text pic to 312-243-9896 or fill out our website contact form.

*some restrictions may apply for the free ac tune up. Rooftop where a ladder is needed. Commercial rooftops excluded. 

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