Crestwood IL Air Conditioning Contractor

Crestwood IL Air Conditioning Contractor, spring is here. Make time to have your air conditioning tuned up and have your evaporator coil cleaned!

Crestwood IL air conditioning contractor talks about old news when the WGN 9:00pm news Julia Garcia interview his employee Ed  about  the contaminated drinking water of the past in the town of Crestwood IL. The out come was Chester got away with it, he pleaded the twinky defense and his suboranates took the weight, She got a few years of probation for poisoning the residents of Crestwood.

Just like the contaminated water in Crestwood, central air conditioning can cause allergies and lung problems due to dirty evaporator coils like this one in this picture.

That’s not a pretty picture is it?  Believe me when I tell you that almost every furnace we change out and the ac evaporator is staying, this is what we see.

That above statement is not intended to scare you but to educate you on indoor  cleanliness of your HVAC system as well as the different products we make available to you to keep your indoor air quality much cleaner than the out door air quality. Below is a very dirty evaporator coil.

crestwood il central air conditioning contractor
Here is a dirty evaporator that destroys your air conditioning system, imagine what it does to your indoor air quality as well as your health.

Now I will show you a cleaned ac evaporator coil.

crestwood il air conditioning contractor

Now, it’s in our guidelines to clean the coil before we reinstall a new furnace. That evaporator coil in the picture above can cause allergy problems and lung problems especially when the air conditioning is running, because as the evaporator coil is operating, it makes moisture and that nasty dirt in the picture becomes wet, moldy, and is not healthy to breath.

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