How Cool it is to Have Air Conditioning

If a small household item breaks, you can usually replace it. But it never occurs to many people that the same holds true for the most expensive equipment in your home: your heating and air conditioning systems.

“A/C units are only efficient for so long until they break down and need a repair,” -Around the Town Heating and Cooling.
If you have an older A/C system, that’s especially more true.
Something made ten years ago is going to be far less efficient than anything you can buy today. So, when looking at it from an economic standpoint, it makes sense to replace an older unit with a newer, high-efficiency one.

If your A/C system needs to be repaired or replaced, give Around The Town a call. We’re rated at an A+ on the Better Business Bureau, and known for the reputation as one of the best HVAC services in Chicago.

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