Company to Fix Boiler in Chicago

Looking for a good heating company to fix your boiler in Chicago?

What kind of boiler do you have? Is it steam or is it water? If you’re not sure look at your radiators and see if you have a steam vent about half way up on the side of the radiator opposite side of the shut off valve that’s at the bottom at floor level. If you have a silver looking device half way up opposite of the shut off valve then you have a steam boiler.  If you have a water boiler, you may have radiators with bleeder keys on the top of the radiator.  You may also have white or painted low profile radiators running along perimeter the outside walls.  If so, you probably have baseboard radiators and most likely you have a water boiler.

If you’re not sure what boiler you have and need a company to fix boiler Chicago, don’t worry about it, and let the professionals at Around the Town™ Heating take control your boiler problem(s).

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