Chinatown Chicago air conditioning repair

Chinatown Chicago air conditioning repair company has great services and specials on a/c tune ups as well as new central air conditioning specials. Why should you use them you may ask?  That answer is, we have ties in your community in many ways.

The son of the owner of Around The Town Heating and Cooling was in the Chinese New Year parade in the year of the rat.  Zachary has taken Choy lay fut classes at the Ng Family Martial Arts School in Chinatown. When we marched in the parade that year it was so cold , we had on long underwear and double pairs of socks and we were still freezing. Sifu Sam Ng was ever the most polite and considerate person.  He keep every one’s spirits up despite the below normal temperatures.  The parade went off without a hitch.  At the end of the parade route down on the corner of Wentworth, there was the stand where the Chinese dignitaries and Chicago politicians were waiting for the students to perform.  You can’t imagine how proud I was of my son when he performed with his school.  He did many of the forms in his level. After the Parade  was over , Sifu Sam took his students for lunch at the Dragon Court restaurant in Chinatown.  I would recommend this place to anyone the food was delicious and they served generous portions. My son will continue his classes this summer, he took a break for awhile because he was playing high school baseball.  I would recommend martial arts for anyone, it’s great for your physical well-being and also your mental well being.  Chinatown Chicago is a great place to visit, it’s interesting and the food is delicious.  It a good to experience another culture and the wonderful things they have to offer.

The above article is where the ties with the Chinese community and this air conditioning repair Chicago contractor lies and of course the amount of air conditioning work that Around The Town Heating and Cooling performs in your part of town. We have great specials on air conditioning systems as well as great service rates available to you. Call today to schedule an air conditioning tune up. 312-243-9896

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