Chicken attacks HVAC contractor in Chicago

Hvac contractor in Chicago performing a boiler repair gets pecked by a chicken.  Here`s Johnnie!

I was performing a hvac repair on a boiler at 4500 N. Kilpatrick, after I made the repair,  and I left the customers home to put my tools away and all of a sudden this chicken came pecking away at me.  My first thought was chicken and dumplings for dinner..My assistant Chris was a bit surprised and said that the chicken scared him and made him hungry at the same time, That sounds like my wife!  Scares me every time I tell her I`m hungry. Well anyways we looked around and didn’t know where the chicken came from so we left it alone and that was that, Only in Chicago.

Performing air conditioning repairs in Chicago can be an experience. There has been”times” when I was working on a central air conditioner unit and I felt a presents behind me and sure enough it was a drooling dog, and let me tell you, that is not so funny when its a Pit bull or a Rottweiler, hell even some of those ankle biters can tear you a new one, for example just today 5-5-09 I was cleaning and checking a central air  at 5400 N. Artesian and the home owners dogs(ankle biters) was running around and they didn`t bother me to much, but I walked and moved slowly, and after a few minutes a man came out of the basement and those dogs attacked him, now listen He`s a tenant” of my customers, and the dogs knows the tenant.  Now  do you see the craziness?  Sometimes I think that`s a customers trick to scare me to lower the bill!!!

Well it`s truly a dogs life in the Heating and Air  conditioning business,  But I wouldn`t  have it know other way, working for Chicagoans is awesome!!!  Well folks I`m signing off for now,” Oh ya ” don`t forget , call Around The Town Heating And Cooling to schedule your a/c tune up.

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