Chicago’s mold count rises to an all time high


By Melissa Horrocks Aug 9, 2012 in Environment

Grant Park – Kathy Oalde was busy gardening on Monday when she started feeling ill. Her chest started to feel heavy and her eyes itched intensely. Oalde, 64, took an allergy tablet, but the congestion she felt drove her into her air-conditioned Melrose Park home.

Symptoms include sore, itchy throats, runny nose and feeling rundown. Keeping indoors, windows shut, using air conditioning and taking allergy tablets can help to reduce symptoms, according to ABC Local.

Microscopic mold spores are at their highest and this is causing suffering for many people. Individuals who are allergic to mold are suffering, due to the strange weather conditions that have caused rotten vegetation. On Monday, the mold count was at the highest in Chicago, reports Chicago Tribune.

Chicago’s mold count rises to an all time high

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